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Please refer to the following PDF files regarding the details.



  1. 1. Please refer to “Product List” and send a request for products you like by E-mail.
    No. , Product Name and Quantity are required.
  2. 2. We will reply delivery timeline, shipping and total price.
  3. 3. If you agree with conditions, please make a payment by due date.
  4. 4. As soon as we confirm your payment, we ship the product to you.


We recommend PAYPAL only.
The price is all in Japanese yen. If you are paying different currency, the exchange rate at the time if transaction will be used.


When we have run out of stock , we will inform the delivery date of you to the product.
Expected delivery time would be half a month ~ 3 months.


If the requested product is in stock, it will be shipped within 3 business days after we received payment.
Shipping takes 5 – 10 days on average, but is is depends on countries.


We use YAMATO TRANSPORT CO.,LTD to ship our products.
Rates are calculated based on the table below and added to your payment.
When a parcel is sent overseas, and when a parcel is imported into the country of the percipient, various costs such as tariffs may be necessary and the recipient is responsible for the payment if such cost.
We cannot inform those costs in advance since it is decided by local customs.

Zone1 Zone2 Zone3 Zone4
Size ※ South Korea , Taiwan , the People’s Republic of China , Hong Kong , Macau , Indonesia , Malaysia , Philippines , Singapore , Thailand , Vietnam , other Australia , New Zealand , the United States , Canada , Mexico , India , other United Kingdom , France , Germany , Netherlands , Belgium , Switzerland , Austria , Italy , Spain , Turkey , other The Area except the left
60 cm ¥2,050 ¥2,750 ¥3,200 ¥6,300
80 cm ¥3,450 ¥4,650 ¥5,350 ¥14,400
100 cm ¥6,450 ¥8,850 ¥10,150 ¥24,700
120 cm ¥10,950 ¥15,050 ¥16,450 ¥34,100
140 cm ¥14,950 ¥20,550 ¥23,950 ¥43,600
160 cm ¥18,950 ¥26,050 ¥30,450 ¥53,000

※size=The sum of the lengths of three sides.


August.13 – 16, Dec.29 – Jan.03
Long-term business trip in for exhibitions We will inform details at the top of our website.


In the unlikely event that a product is defective, please contact us within 1 week of receiving the product.
We are sorry but we cannot accept the cancelation due to Customer’s personal preferences.


All of our items are handmade. Each one is unique and slightly different from others.
Color of each finished product may vary depending of firing conditions for ceramics and wooden basis & way of coating for wooden products. Please also note that size and weight may slightly vary.